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Snickers Cheesecake

Our Menu

Value Meals
Big Tastee Meal 8.75
Double Cheeseburger Meal 8.75
Hot Dog Meal 6.85
Fried Chicken Sandwich Meal 8.70
Specialty Items
Italian Beef 7.25
Italian Sausage 7.00
Combo (Beef & Sausage) 7.75
Gyro 7.35
Gyro Platter 12.50
Philly Cheesesteak 7.50
Sloppy Joe 4.25
Pizza Puff 3.65
Grilled Cheese 2.75
Hamburger 3.25
Cheeseburger 3.55
Big Tastee Burger 5.00
Gourmet Burger 5.50
Double Cheeseburger 4.95
1/4 lb. Cheeseburger 4.85
Bacon Double Cheeseburger 5.50
Bacon 1/4 lb. Cheeseburger 5.40
Pizza Burger 4.00
Gyros Double Cheeseburger 6.75
Hot Dogs
Chicago Hot Dog 3.50
Hot Dog 2.95
Chili-Cheese Dog 3.85
Cheese Dog 3.45
Polish 4.85
Corn Dog 3.75
Chicken & Fish
Chicken Pita 7.50
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich 6.05
Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Wrap 5.85
Fried Chicken Sandwich or Wrap 5.50
Chicken Wrap Fried or Grilled Buffalo Style 5.95
2 pc. Chicken Tenders w/Fries 5.25
4 pc. Chicken Tenders w/Fries 6.75
Hot Wings 6.50
Fish Sandwich 4.95
Shrimp Basket 9.45
Mexican Food
Burrito 7.75
Taco 2.85
Quesadilla 5.75
Quesadilla w/Steak or Chicken 7.75
Nachos 4.15
Kids Meals

Hamburger, Hot Dog, Corn Dog or Grilled Cheese

with fries and pop


Side Orders
Fries Regular 2.15 | Large 2.50
Cheese Fries 4.00
Chili-Cheese Fries 4.25
Onion Rings 3.50
Mozzarella Sticks 4.10
Mac Bites 4.10
Breaded Mushrooms 4.25
Waffle Fries 4.15
Cheese Waffle Fries 5.15
Chili Cheese Waffle Fries 5.85
Chili (Seasonal) Small 4.25 | Large 5.00
Soup (Seasonal) Small 4.25 | Large 5.00
Pop Sm 1.85 | Md 2.30 | Lg 2.60
Coffee 2.00
French Vanilla Cappuccino 4.25
Hot Apple Cider 2.50
Hot Chocolate 2.00

Tastee Treats


A combination of your favorite topping and low fat ice cream. Price includes one topping. Additional toppings are 50¢ each.

Brownie Heath Cherry
Butterfinger Kit Kat Peach
Cheesecake M&M Pineapple
Chocolate Chip Mint Raspberry
Coconut Oreo Strawberry
Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cup Almond
Cotton Candy Reeses Pieces Cashew
Crunch Coat Snickers Peanut
Gummy Bears Banana Pecans
Gummy Worms Blueberry  
Drink Favorites
  Small Medium
Boston 4.90 5.40 6.40
A sundae floating on top of a thick shake with whipped cream and nuts.
Malts 4.30 4.84 6.10
Shakes 3.45 4.00 5.30

Shake & Malt Flavors

Apple Pie Cotton Candy Orange
Banana Egg Nog Peach
Blueberry German Chocolate Peanut Butter
Blue Raspberry Grape Peppermint
Butterscotch Hot Fudge Piña Colada
Bubble Gum Key Lime Pineapple
Butter Pecan Lemon Pistachio
Cake Batter Lime Pumpkin
Cappuccino Mango Red Raspberry
Caramel Marshmallow Red Velvet
Cherry Mint Root Beer
Chocolate Nutella Strawberry
Chocolate Chip Orange Vanilla
Coconut Oreo Watermelon
  Small Medium
Floats 3.50 4.05 5.35
Slush 2.65 2.90 3.25

Slush Flavors

BLue Raspberry Lemon Pineapple
Blubble Gum Lime Root Beer
Cherry Orange Strawberry
Grape Piña Colada Watermelon
Cones or Cups

Chocolate, Vanilla or Twist

Small 2.85
Medium 3.10
Large 3.35
Sugar Cone 2.75
Waffle Cone or Bowl 3.95

Cone Dips, Crunch Coat or Sprinkles Add 65¢

Flavored Cones 65¢ More

Apple Pie Coconut Orange Dreamsicle
Banana Cotton Candy Peanut Butter
Blueberry Egg Nog Peppermint
Bubble Gum Georgia Peach Piña Colada
Butter Pecan German Chocolate Pistachio
Cake Batter Key Lime Pumpkin
Cappuccino Lemon Chiffon Raspberry
Cherry Mint Strawberry

Beverage including a light and refreshing combination of fruit, 95% fat free vanilla ice cream and ice.

Banana Cherry Raspberry
Blueberry Peach Strawberry
Frozen Latte


Vanilla Caramel Kona Mocha

A sensational blend of vanilla ice cream and coffee in 3 delicous flavors, topped with whipped cream.

Regular Sundaes

Includes one topping, whipped cream and nuts.


Sundae Toppings

Banana Hot Caramel Peanut Butter
Blueberry Hot Fudge Pineapple
Butterscotch Marshmallow Raspberry
Cherry Peach Strawberry
Chocolate Nutella  
Funnel Cake 3.00
Frozen Dipped Banana 2.55
Quart 7.25
Flavored Quart 8.25
Specialty Sundaes

Includes whipped cream and nuts.

Funnel Cake Sundae
A delicious funnel cake topped with vanilla ice cream & one topping.
Jumbo Banana Split
A good old fashioned favorite. Chocolate, strawberries and pineapple atop three mounds of vanilla ice cream and banana.
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae
A chocolate lover's dream - a fudge brownie smothered with the best tasting ice cream in town and hot fudge.
Strawberry Shortcake
An old favorite - traditional sponge cake covered with our rich vanilla ice cream and strawberries.
Turtle Sundae
Pecans, hot caramel and chocolate syrup surrounded by our vanilla ice cream.
Banana Royal
Simply divine - a combination of fresh bananas, chocolate syrup over vanilla ice cream.
Snickers Sundae
Loads of chopped Snickers on top of hot caramel and chocolate toppings over vanilla ice cream.
S'More Sundae
Vanilla ice cream smothered with chocolate syrup, marshmallow topping and surrounded with Teddy Grahams.
Strawberry Banana Bash
Vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries and bananas.
Caramel Cashew Sundae
Vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and cashews.
Almond Delite
A taste sensation consisting of hot fudge surrounding a large portion of rich vanilla ice cream, topped with almonds.
Peanut Hot Fudge Parfait
Hot fudge and peanuts layered between our low fat ice cream and topped with whipped cream and nuts.
Parfait (Chocolate, Pineapple, Strawberry
A three tier dessert creation consisting of chocolate syrup, strawberries and pineapple layered between our low fat ice cream.
Speciality Freeze
Turtle Freeze
Vanilla ice cream blended with caramel, chocolate syrup and pecans.
Turtle Shell Freeze
Vanilla ice cream blended with pecans, chocolate dip & butterscotch dip.
Banana Split Freeze
Vanilla ice cream blended with bananas, strawberries and pineapple topped with chocolate syrup.
Rocky Road Freeze
Chocolate ice cream blended with mini marshmallows and sundae nuts.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Freeze
Vanilla ice cream blended with maraschino cherries and chocolate dip.
Cheesecake Fruit Freeze
Vanilla ice cream blended with cheesecake pieces and any fruit topping.